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Online dating has been a popular trend in the world of dating and Internet. But who says it can only be done by sitting in front of a computer? Thanks to today’s wireless area connection technology, getting online has never been easier. You just need to have a gadget that has WIFI capabilities and presto, you’re just a click – or a tap – away from going online dating. These gadgets of course include the ever popular iPhones. Various iPhone dating application software have been developed and are now being enjoyed by many of its users.

One of the many iPhone dating application choices is Speed Date. It is offered by SpeedDate.com, an online dating network. This app – through its tools and features – will give you the opportunity to find a date. It can find potential date matches who might just be the one you’ve long searched for.

This iPhone dating app lets you do this by giving you a chance to check the profiles of other users. It will help you find someone who has similar interests, personality and individual style as yours. What makes it different and remarkable amongst other iPhone dating apps is that it allows the user send virtual winks and lets you send flirt signals anyone you’re interested in.

The app also has an instant messaging and live chat feature, which alerts you on who has logged in or out. There are even automatic alerts and flirt messages that will prompt you through your iPhone so you can respond immediately. The application’s settings also let you choose the age of the person you want to meet, as well as finding out their location.

Installing this iPhone dating application in your device is free of charge. However, but membership in SpeedDate.com will cost you $60 a month. For someone who is willing to explore the world through online communication and find his or her right match, $60 a month should be worth it.

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