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The iPhone has certainly made such a big impact since its release. With thousands of applications that serve different kinds of purposes, this device has certainly proven to have it all. If you are in the lookout for dating applications, then you would be glad to know that there are several applications developed for the iPhone that serve this purpose. You can even use more than one iPhone dating application if you want more choices. Below are some of the most popular dating applications for the iPhone:


SmartDate a total new FREE  iPhone dating app, and the absolutely best dating app out there , get satellite view of all local singles, tons of cool features. Get it Free Here


Skout is a free dating application that was developed for the iPhone. This app uses the same concept as social networking except that it is intended for dating. It fully utilizes the iPhone’s GPS system, as this app will allow users to see where you are on the map. It works well as a dating application as it gives people a chance to connect with other single people in their area. Get it here.


If you are a fan of speed dating, then Speed date is the perfect iPhone dating application for you. This app will allow you to interact with different people. You can send winks and flirts and other such interactions to show them that you are interested.

101 Pick Up Lines

This application says it all and it also helps you entertain your date by having access to 101 different pickup lines. Even if your date finds pick up lines rather cheesy, she is sure to laugh when you deliver these. This app can add a little fun and amusement to any date.

Date Smart

If you are on the lookout for people who are available, then you can use this app to find a date. The app provides you with different ideas for dates complete with instructions, as it utilizes the iPhone’s GPS.

Regardless of what you feel like doing for you date, you are sure to find an iPhone dating application that is suitable for you.

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