Best iPhone Dating Apps 2011

A list of the best iPhone dating apps 2011

#1  SmartDating

SmartDating is an all-inclusive application that has all of the perks and benefits of an online website in a convenient travel-friendly version.   It has the ability to make online dating enjoyable, and can even aid you in setting up a spur-of-the-moment meeting with a potential match in your area.  If you’re not ready to meet in person, but still want to send them a little something to show how you feel, you can take care of that with this app.  SmartDating allows you to send real, and virtual, gifts to people with the swipe of a finger.

Match members are no longer bound to their desktops and laptops when they feel the need to check up on their profile and potential dates.  Now they can use the new application available on iPhone.  While a membership is still required, existing members will be able to link the two devices under one account.  They offer a variety of different plans, so there is one to fill everyone’s budget while still allowing them to access many great features.  It’s a great bonus when you get a message but are away from your computer; this way you will never miss the opportunity to connect with that special someone.


eHarmony is one of the oldest in online dating websites, and has a very strong number of supporters because of it.  Like many other features of their website, eHarmony has outdone themselves in member satisfaction.  Many people asked for an app for their iPhones, and eHarmony was more than happy to oblige.  It’s strong customer base isn’t going anywhere and just keeps growing and growing.  They are very client-oriented, so it’s likely that they will keep updating their app to meet with their customer’s growing list of demands.

Dating DNA Free

Dating DNA has both a paid version and a free version of their dating application available, but why pay money when the free version is still very good?  Better yet, they even make security high importance and have a special monitoring system in place to eliminate fake accounts guaranteeing that you will always talk to a real person.  There also filters you can utilize for gender and sexual orientation, and allows you to create a personality profile to see how you match up with others.

Social Connect

Social Connect uses its connections through social networking giant Facebook to connect millions of people worldwide in an effort to help everyone find that special someone.  Virtual Dating, a Social Connect exclusive, creates a virtual dating environment to help alleviate first-date phobias and the awkwardness that goes along with it.  This environment sets up a virtual date so two people can see how they interact without having to meet in person.  The absolute best part about this site is it is absolutely free to join! This site is sure to move quickly up the list, primarily based on its ties to Facebook.  With so many people being connected, it’s no surprise it’s already doing so well!

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